WF Enterprises, Inc.

W. F. Enterprises, Inc., a 100% woman owned business that started in 2002, specializes in metal sales, metal fabrication and other value added services. Our metal retail business is located at 1054 Broadway, Albany NY doing business under the name Metal Supermarkets. Our fabrication shop is located next door at 1052 Broadway.

We have several products that we manufacture. We are committed to building the highest quality tools and machines. All our products are produced right here in Albany, NY and are built to last. They are manufactured with simple designs that make the replacement of lost or broken parts as easy as a trip to your local hardware store.

We are also dedicated to helping the next generation of engineers and craftsmen get hands on experience during their studies at local schools. We have had several bright young minds from RPI and Clarkson join us as summer interns to learn how to take an idea and turn it into a serviceable piece of equipment or manufacturing process.

Please stop in and visit us at Metal Supermarkets, meet the team, and say hello to Pip (seen looking out the door in the picture of our building).

WF Enterprises Flip Carrier for stone fabricators
Equipment and tools from WF Enterprises, LLC
1054-1056 Broadway • Albany • NY • 12204
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