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WF Floor Innovations has incorporated the thoughtful engineering of Cliff Loudis and Keith Watters into a basic rectangular floor abrasion unit to increase user control and eliminate unwanted swirl patterns in wood.

Contact us for pricing or for more information about the ICAT and its potential uses. Financing is available.

ICAT – Intermediate Cleaning and Abrasion Tool

This unique, patented light-weight design allows operation along walls and into corners.  It travels at 50 to 75 feet per minute depending on the application.  The unit can be utilized for cleaning or abrasion, wet or dry applications, inside or out and with or without the driving handle.  It is easy to carry up stairs and into small spaces.

Wood Floor Applications:

  • Abrades with straight scratch pattern
  • Wet Screen/Scrub using TyKote® floor treatment
  • Smoothes out water base grain raise effectively
  • Works with V.O.C. compliant oil base with minimal gumming of screen or paper
  • Abrades pre-finish Aluminum Oxide
  • Run with screen or paper between coats
  • Applies stain evenly

Click here to see a video of the ICAT Multi Use Tool scrubbing, sanding and applying stain

Click here to see a video of the ICAT as used for wood floor refinishing

Download and view our brochure for ICAT.

The Intermediate Cleaning and Abrasion Tool, ICAT, from WF Floor Innovations
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